Everything you need to run your
Warranty Program in one simple place.

Create a consistent and streamlined warranty experience for your enterprise and marketplace with Warranty.hub.

Warranty.hub is a standalone warranty management system that works with everyone involved to create a consistently great experience. From sales to servicing, this provides everything you need to run a world-class warranty program.

Quality Communication

Stay connected with everyone involved in the warranty process, your partners, repair centers, and specialists.

Simple Workflows

Easily manage the way claims move through your processes.

User Friendly Forms

Control your first notice of loss and follow up forms.

For Your Team

Role-based dashboards

Your team isn’t all the same, so they shouldn’t be treated that way. With role-based dashboards, your people will be able to find their work faster – and everybody gets a better experience.

Easy claims management

A big part of any warranty program is managing claims; with connections between your repair teams, claim teams, and partners we make the claims process easy.


No more jumping between systems or keying in data twice. This is a standalone solution that can run on its own.

For Your Partners

Customized Access

Set up your partners exactly the way they need to be. From compensation to offerings, you’re in control of how your partners engage with your warranties. 

Simple Sales

Make the process of selling warranties easy! We provide simple forms and easy reporting – work with your partners no matter their level of technical savvy.

A cutting-edge customer experience

that simplifies the first notice of loss experience, and enhances customer communication.