Unleashing Agile InsurTech Solutions

Experience lightning-fast product deployment and enhanced underwriting efficiency with the Dais Technology and Verisk integration.

Reimagining InsurTech: The Dais-Verisk Connection

Dais Technology’s no-code capabilities combined with Verisk’s data-driven RaaS unlocks a new way to manage your products. This collaboration provides carriers and MGAs with the agile and precise tools necessary for seamless insurance operations.

Accelerated Speed to Market

Harness the combined strengths of Dais’s no-code platform and Verisk’s real-time rating data to expedite the launch of tailored insurance products.

Automate and Refine Underwriting Processes

Merge Dais’s automation capabilities with Verisk’s comprehensive rating data to streamline underwriting, reducing errors and saving time.

Streamlined Product Management

Utilize advanced deviation management and a user-friendly interface to effortlessly manage your insurance offerings from inception to renewal.

Tailor-Make Insurance Products With Ease

Leverage the flexibility of Dais’s no-code platform and the wealth of Verisk’s insurance programs to develop and deploy bespoke products for your clientele.

Minimize Expenses While Maximizing Innovation

Dais’s no-code nature paired with Verisk’s RaaS minimizes manual inputs and operational costs, creating room for innovation without burdening the budget.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Access accurate and real-time data through Verisk’s RaaS, allowing for insightful and data-driven decisions that align with market needs.

Step into the Future of InsurTech

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Pioneering Change: The Verisk and Dais Technology Edge

Verisk: Pioneering Insurance Data Analytics

Verisk is a leading data analytics provider in the insurance industry. It’s renowned for its Rating-as-a-Service (RaaS) offering, a cloud-based engine that enables real-time policy rating using data from ISO’s Commercial Lines Manual. This streamlined service is part of Verisk’s suite of tools that bolster efficiency and informed decision-making for insurance professionals worldwide.

Dais Technology: Revolutionizing InsurTech with No-Code Solutions

Dais Technology is at the forefront of the InsurTech industry, enabling swift and efficient creation, distribution, and management of insurance products. With an innovative no-code, API-driven platform, Dais turns complexity into simplicity, offering unmatched flexibility and speed to market. From onboarding to renewals, Dais streamlines the entire insurance product lifecycle, redefining operational efficiency for insurance providers.