Improve Results
Faster with Dais

Improve Results
Faster with Dais

Dais makes it easy to create digital insurance products, so you can take advantage of market opportunities quickly. Dais is the no-code platform that insurance carriers and MGAs use to create, sell, and deliver insurance products quickly and easily.

What would traditionally take months for each step in the product-development process – from creating application questions to prefills, eligibility rules, underwriting rules, rating engine configuration and so much more – now takes days with Dais.


Some benefits of using Dais include:


Reduced time for product development and launch, from years to weeks


Ability to upgrade existing products quickly to reflect market changes


Significantly reduced IT development resources
(there are none)


Competitive edge in today’s digital playing field

If you're looking to innovate faster and easier in insurance,
Dais is the solution for you.

The Dais Difference

Legacy systems just weren’t designed to handle the speed and complexity of today’s world. We’ve created a helpful infographic to help you understand the differences and how you can benefit from increasing your speed of innovation and product development.


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