Tarmika And Dais Partner To Bring More Distribution For Carriers And Products For Insurance Agents


BOSTON, Massachusetts — Dais and Tarmika have partnered to help carriers expand their distribution options and give agents access to more insurance products. Agents using Tarmika will get access to additional insurance products. And carriers using the Dais platform gain new distribution opportunities.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to help agents,” said Tarmika CEO, Raghav Tanna. “Partnering with Dais means that our agents have access to more products, and that means being even better at meeting the needs of their clients.”

Dais’s Digital Product Toolset allows insurers to easily create new insurance products. While Tarmika which enables insurers to expand distribution channels. By connecting these platforms, expanded product options for agents will be available.  Giving agents access to both traditional commercial insurance offerings and new products available through the Dais platform.

“This is a win-win,” said Dais CEO Jason Kolb. “We’re helping our customers stand up new products in record time, complete with API’s. We want our customers to be able to sell their products through Tarmika at the push of a button for their benefit and the benefit of the agents who can start selling in a more differentiated way.”

About Dais

Dais makes it easy to create, sell, and deliver insurance products. Carriers use Dais to quickly bring new and existing products to market through digital distribution channels. For more information please visit https://dais.com

About Tarmika

Tarmika is a commercial lines automation tool that allows agencies the ability to quote multiple carriers in a single entry.  For more information, visit www.tarmika.com.