What future are you building for?

Insurance is changing fast, and carriers need to evolve to keep up. The good news is that this moment is when carriers get to decide what kind of company they want to be, and shape their strategy around becoming that.

We’re here to help get you where you want to go.

Dais Strategy Map

A strategy map captures your organization’s key strategies and enables you to map those strategies to the underlying work effort and technology required to execute on them. It is a multi-step process that helps clarify your thinking and give you concrete steps to accomplish your goals.

The Strategy Mapping Process


Select strategies being funded (with organizational leaders)
After this step, the required platform services and work effort are defined, but the gap analysis is not yet complete.


Update platform services status
Done with the CTO. After this step, the services gap analysis will be completed and a “bill of materials” for additional services required will be available, along with recommendations.


Update work effort status

Done with project management. After this step, the entire body of 

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Carrier Strategies

We want to help you move the needle on your most important projects, the ones that will shape your future. Working with your tech team and implementing ready built solutions, we can help you upgrade and create industry leading solutions.

Dais Modules

Dais is a digital platform custom built to be the backbone for the new insurance infrastructure. Insurance is evolving fast, and needs a flexible and powerful platform that can grow and adjust to the needs of the companies using it.

About Dais

Dais is a platform designed to provide the technical backbone needed for the future of insurance. It’s built alongside experts (underwriters, actuaries, producers, account managers) to empower them to be better and elevate their roles.