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The moment your filing is approved, the countdown begins. With Dais, make every second count and accelerate your rate change implementation.

Navigating the Hardening Market

Traditional Rate Changes: A Risky Response to Rising Losses

In today’s hardening insurance market, companies face increased losses due to various economic trends. The common response is to deploy rate changes, but when done broadly and inexact, this can risk customer retention and new business conversion. This challenge calls for a smarter, faster, and more precise solution – and that’s where Dais comes in.

Transforming Rate Changes with Dais​

Intelligent Scenario Testing for Precise and Speedy Rate Change

With Dais, you can significantly accelerate the rate change process, reducing it from a three-to-nine-month process to just a few weeks or a month. This acceleration can lead to improvements in the combined ratio and the underlying loss ratio, which have a leveraged impact on profitability.

Harness the Power of
Dais's Innovative Tools


Configure changes quickly and efficiently, enabling you to respond to market trends in real-time


Understand the impact of potential rate changes before deployment, ensuring informed decision-making


Our tools allow for more precise rate changes, targeting the segments that are most detrimental to your profitability

Customer Retention

Minimize impact on your best customers, improving retention and safeguarding your business’s future

Accelerate Your Success with Dais: Smarter, Faster, and More Precise Rate Changes for the Modern Insurance Industry