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July, 15 2021

Dais Collaboration

Dais and Deep Customer Connections Collaborate to Quantify the Impact of Digital Insurance on Customer Experience

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What: Dais, a technology firm dedicated to simplifying the process of creating new digital products for carriers and reinsurers, and Deep Customer Connections, a leading customer experience analytics and consulting firm, have announced a collaboration to help carriers and agencies improve their customer experience.

Quote: Jason Bogart, the CEO of Deep Customer Connections, says “We all see the need for carriers to offer improved agent experiences following the pandemic. Companies like Dais create new ways to improve customer experience from carrier digitization.”

Read: Dais and Deep Customer Connections collaborate to quantify the impact of digital insurance on customer experience

Dais Partnership

Dais and Semsee Partner to Expand Digital Product Offerings for Agents and Carriers

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What: Dais and Semsee are partnering to expand products available for carriers and agents. The collaboration will increase the variety and availability of insurance products on Semsee’s platform, while providing Dais customers immediate distribution opportunities with broad groups of agents.

Quote: “Agents competing in today’s commercial market know that there are many opportunities to serve their customers by solving for unique and complex risks. Some are straightforward. But there are also unique risks they may sell only sporadically. We want to give them the opportunity to write more risks and do it as easily as possible using digital technology,” said Semsee CEO, Phillip Charles-Pierre. 

Read: Dais and Semsee Partner to Expand Digital Product Offerings for Agents and Carriers

Industry Challenge

Open Insurance and the API-Driven Future


What: APIs in insurance were once limited to quoting, but now they span quoting, binding, issuance, and servicing. With that growth in functionality, we’re seeing accelerated growth around APIs and API-drive technology products, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you’re wondering what APIs are, watch this video

Why it matters: Open APIs drive our partnership model, and we believe that making insurance APIs simple is what will make it easy to create, sell, and distribute insurance. As an industry, we are still in the early stages of this API explosion, but the early adopters are already starting to pull ahead. 

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