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May 13, 2021

Trend Watch

We’re breaking records for Insurtech Investments

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What: “This quarter, Insurtech funding reached an all-time high raising $2.55 billion across 146 deals. Specifically, total funding grew by 180% when compared with Q1 2020 … Compared to Q4 2020, total funding grew by 22% as investment activity steadily bounced back.”

Why it matters: This is the biggest quarter for investment in Insurtech we’ve ever seen. There’s a big need for modernization in the insurance industry and a massive opportunity for those who do it well. Expect the money to keep flowing in until the problems are solved. Right now there’s a Carrier IT problem that is causing too much friction in the market.

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New Research

22% of UK adults now trust insurance companies less because of Covid-19

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What they’re saying: Trust in insurance companies has suffered a net decline: 22% of adults trust insurance companies less because of Covid-19, while 11% trust them more. Over one in three (36%) believe that the insurance and protection industry did not do enough to help consumers based on their response to Covid-19.

What it means: A lot of policyholders were burned by their insurance companies last year, and those that weren’t heard about it. This growing distrust opens the door for new brands to step in. 

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Industry Challenge

Cyber faces rising costs due to increasing ransomware demands

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Quote: “We thought the mid-six-figure demands were high at the time, Little did we know ransom demands were going to explode in 2020. … On average, even after the payments have been negotiated down, insurers still have to pay anywhere between $3 million to $5 million in these more targeted and sophisticated attacks.”  

Rumor mill: Carriers are anxious for solutions to protect against cyber breaches, and some are starting to require two-factor authentication and other security measures.

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