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February 16, 2023


What: Dais Technology recently announced UnderwriteGPT™, a new AI application that will revolutionize the insurance industry by making underwriting and risk management faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

Why it Matters: AI technology has been in the news a lot recently as ChatGPT has exploded onto the scene. UnderwriteGPT™ is one of the first applications of the ChatGPT technology to target and offer tailored insights to a specific industry.


What: The United States and European Union have announced a partnership to enhance the use of artificial intelligence to improve agriculture, healthcare, emergency response, climate forecasting and the electric grid. This agreement will provide governments with greater access to data-rich AI models, leading to more efficient operations across a variety of sectors.

Why it matters: It’s worth paying attention any time governments get involved in technology. AI is one of the most powerful technologies to emerge recently; it is going to transform a number of industries. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see governments start to regulate the use and distribution of AI, similarly to the controls put in place around encryption technology. 

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What: Among other things, 2023 is shaping up to be the year AI starts changing everything about insurance. InsurTechs will start using AI to improve risk assessment and fraud detection, set better premiums and enable customers to converse with bots. This has the potential to permanently improve loss ratios.

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