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August 11, 2022


With the recent launch of Dais 3.0, our platform has evolved into the first true operating system for insurance, opening up incredible new opportunities for every insurer on the platform. With the ability to connect any insurance product to any data in the world and automate activities off of that data, usage-based insurance and other challenging product types are now easy to create, manage, and automate – with the no-code Dais platform, a business user can do all of it without having to rely on their IT department. For insurance product development this is a huge shift and provides some incredible advantages to insurers. 

Fully Digital Products
Dais-powered products digitally handle intake, rating, quoting, binding, payment, issuance, endorsements, cancellations, and renewals. This means that you have access to everything needed to run an insurance product in a single platform, where business users can make changes and create new products without needing to burden their IT teams. 

Built with API connectivity at its core, Dais-powered products can easily connect to other services and sales channels. Users can grant access to their insurance products to anyone or anything they want to. Insurers can connect third-party and proprietary data to their products as well, and use that data to enhance their coverages, create usage-based insurance, automate changes, etc. 

Today it takes most insurers 12-18 months to bring a new product to market and 3-6 months to update an existing one. With the Dais platform, the technical side of launching a new product can be done in a matter of days, and with our Insurtech App Store some products can be developed in just a few hours. 

Insurtech App Store
The Insurtech App Store is an ecosystem of partners and providers whose data, services, and product enhancements are available seamlessly in our no-code platform. You can easily create bureau, custom, and package insurance products using the App Store. The first partnerships for product templates will be announced shortly.

The Insurtech App Store also enables Dais-powered products to access a wide variety of data sources. These sources can be used to accelerate the intake process, help with underwriting, and automate product updates. Currently data is available from Experian, Melissa Data, Google, Relativity6, and NHTSA, with more data sources being added on a regular basis.

Built to enable full automation of any insurance product, Dais’ event-based automation can streamline the process for even the most complex insurance products. This enables insurers to sell coverages, anywhere, anytime, and however they want to.


What: At its core, the Dais Insurance Platform is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for insurers; opportunities that felt out of reach due to technical constraints aren’t anymore. Our customers are already using the platform to create embedded and usage-based insurance programs, and we’re excited to see what new ideas come to life through the tools we’ve created. 

Quote: “We’ve exposed the policy lifecycle in our no-code platform, and created automation hooks into every step of the insurance policy life cycle.” said Jason Kolb, CEO of Dais. “Now, other systems and data can easily connect. Data and models can be surgically inserted at critical points along the way, making it easy to make smarter and faster insurance products with better customer experiences.

“In practice this means that our customers are able to start doing things that weren’t possible before. The promises of insurtech innovation using modern technology such as usage-based insurance, monthly credit card billing, IoT integration, and instant online purchasing– are now possible and our customers are making them a reality right now, today.”

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