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May 19, 2022

Niche Success

Vouch Insurance Generates Growth by Focusing on Startups


What: Vouch, a new insurer focused on providing coverage for early-stage startups, expanded into Washington and Florida, making its services available to 97% of venture-backed startups nationwide. With 25x growth over the last 2 years, Vouch currently protects over $11.2 billion in risk. 

Why it matters: This is another example of embedded insurance finding success, in this case with banking and real estate. In the same way Lemonade started with renters insurance and expanded to fit the needs of its customers, Vouch is trying to emulate that success, but focusing on business insurance. 

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Industry Challenge

The Possible Underinsured Homeowners Crisis


What: A recent survey shows that only 30% of homeowners have taken the necessary steps to maintain proper insurance coverage. Inflation has greatly impacted labor and material costs for homeowners claims, so policyholders who haven’t increased their limits are likely to be underinsured. 

Why it matters: Insurers need to react quickly to challenges like this, adjusting pricing and product specifications in order to properly protect both themselves and their policyholders.

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Industry Challenge

API-Driven Connections are the new Gold Standard for Insurance


What: Agent Portals were once the gold standard when it came to connectivity between agents and carriers. However, with cloud computing advances and growing demand from customers for a seamless experience, portals are losing usage and giving way to API-driven insurance interactions. 

Why it matters: Smart regional, national, and specialty carriers have already invested heavily into API technology. It is yet the early days of API driven insurance, but we expect it to be the dominant way of connecting to partners going forward.

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