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February 4, 2022

Small Commercial Strategy Session

What: Small Commercial is a big win for carriers that get it right, and a huge problem for ones that don’t. So let’s talk about how to do it well. Join our virtual strategy session to learn from leading agents, insurtechs, and distribution partners. Hear what’s working for others and what’s happening in the space, to help you be better equipped to deliver a roadmap that is safe, fast, and effective.

When: February 24th, 1:00 – 2:30 PM CT

Industry Upgrade

The Insurance Industry Just got More Connected


What: Dais and Tarmika have partnered to help carriers expand their distribution options and give agents access to more insurance products. Agents using Tarmika will get access to additional insurance products. And carriers using the Dais platform gain new distribution opportunities.

Quote: “We’re always looking for opportunities to help agents,” said Tarmika CEO, Raghav Tanna. “Partnering with Dais means that our agents have access to more products, and that means being even better at meeting the needs of their clients.”

Why it matters: When you work with us you get access to all of our friends! We are excited for this partnership, our carrier partners are very bullish on Tarmika. Get in touch if you’re interested in connecting a line of business to this great platform.

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Crypto watch

Mortgages and Premiums in Bitcoin?


What: Milo, a fintech company, announced that it is now offering the world’s first crypto-based mortgage. It’s not yet clear how homeowners insurance premiums will be paid – whether conventional currency or bitcoin – but some insurers are warming to the idea of accepting bitcoin for premium payment. 

Quote: “As long as it’s a legitimate mortgage and follows the mortgagor versus mortgagee process, I would not foresee us having an issue with insuring homes with crypto mortgages,” said David Howard, president of Vyrd Insurance, a recently launched property insurance company in Florida.

Why it matters: With the recent volatility in the crypto market and the growing environmental concerns around energy requirements, crypto-based mortgages are facing some real challenges.

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Industry Challenge

2021 AM Best: P&C Market Report


What: Q3 2021 saw premium growth but a deteriorating loss ratio, marking a “return to normalcy” according to a recent report by AM Best. The report showed a 10% increase in direct premiums year-over-year. 

Why it matters: Inflation is a substantial issue for the insurance industry, and will continue to pressure premiums upward, as well as increase the average cost per claim. The 10% increase in direct premiums likely includes some rate increases; keep an eye out for more rate increases if loss ratios continue to deteriorate.

Read: Best’s Special Report: US P/C Industry Sees Premium Growth, Deteriorating Loss Ratio Through Third-Quarter 2021

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