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October 14, 2022


What: Insurtech Connect is one of the premier insurance conferences, and embedded insurance was a key talking point throughout the conference. By the end of the decade, 25% of P&C premium could be driven through embedded channels.  To be ready, insurers need robust cloud and API programs. 

Why it matters: There is clearly a new distribution channel with digital, and few insurers are fully able to capitalize on its opportunities. Building the digital infrastructure to handle unique distribution opportunities will be paramount to success going forward. 

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What: Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading insurance market, may have been the victim of a cyber attack. They are now taking steps to mitigate the risk.  

Why it matters: Cyber attacks are an emerging, major risk for the industry, with an increasing list of steps companies can take to mitigate risks. And while many companies are seeking new ways to mitigate the risk, it’s hard to drive adherence to policies. We are looking forward to watching products evolve around cyber. Because of its huge and growing impact, it takes creativity to solve these problems. 

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What: This year, 68% of US consumers said they would not install a driving behavior tracking app on their phone to get a discount, while 58% said they wouldn’t in 2021. This growing wariness extends to other smart devices such as doorbell cameras, smart thermostats, and water sensors. 

Why it matters: It will be interesting to watch how growing economic challenges will drive adaptation. 20-30% increases in insurance premiums are looking quite likely, and could push people to install cost-saving measures. 

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