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December 9, 2021

Industry Trend

InsureTech Connect 2021 - Partnerships are key to digital success


What: One of the major insurance conferences took place in Las Vegas this year, with a key theme being partnerships and how partnerships can help insurers better meet the needs of their customers. 

Quote: “While the theme in earlier years has been how insurtech startups would disrupt established carriers, there is a greater spirit of partnership this year. Carriers recognize the need to take new technologies and new ways of doing business seriously, and startups recognize they need to partner with carriers more on their terms.” – Rob Norris, Senior Analyst at Celent

Why it matters: The movement toward partnerships makes sense because both insurance and technology are complicated and difficult to master. Insurtechs tend to come into the industry underestimating the complexity, and carriers tackle new tech initiatives thinking they’ll be easier than they are. With partnerships, both insurers and insurtechs can move the industry forward faster. 

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Public Service Announcement

PSA: Scammers are getting better at corporate identity spoofing/scamming


What: Scammers are attempting to obtain victims’ bank account information by pretending to extend job offers, sometimes spoofing the identity of real people. As one example, the scammer sets up fake job descriptions on sites like, then sends a signing bonus that requires the applicant to send a screenshot to ‘verify’ that it was deposited. 

Why it matters: This is a developing threat, and is one that has recently targeted Dais. Dais keeps its job postings on Linkedin and Built In Chicago; if it’s not listed on one of those sites, please contact us directly.  

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Insurance Fun

Finally! A video game where you can be an insurance adjuster

insurance game

What: In this new video game, the player assumes the role of an insurance inspector in 1807. A merchant ship that had been missing has just arrived off the coast of England with no one alive onboard. It’s the player’s job to perform an appraisal. 

Why it matters: It’s fun. The game has garnered high praise and, who knows, it might help change the narrative on what it’s like to be in insurance. 

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