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December 23, 2021

From the Dais Research Team

Happy Holidays!

Holidays are a great time for fun, laughter, good food, and family. To help you have more good topics for your next party, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite stories from the year.

Here’s some fun stories you can share at your party.

Happy News

You have to admit it’s getting better, getting better all the time. Showers are up! Joy to the world!


What: The longer term data about human quality of life is overwhelmingly positive, and provides a great reminder of how good everything really is. Although negative news tends to get all the attention, the big story is really how well we are doing.

The more you know: 

  • Since 1900 life expectancy has more than doubled. 
  • Since 1800 literacy worldwide has gone from 10% to over 85%.
  • In the 1950’s only 36% of people in the US showered at least once a week, and now over 75% of people shower daily. 

Why it matters: Being in insurance means we’re often working to fix and prevent the unpleasant aspects of life, so it’s important to realize that from a macro perspective the world is doing really well. In many ways the world is getting better, and it is quantifiably better than it used to be. 

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Insurance Fun

Finally! A video game where you can be an insurance adjuster

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What: In this new video game, the player assumes the role of an insurance inspector in 1807. A merchant ship that had been missing has just arrived off the coast of England with no one alive onboard. It’s the player’s job to perform an appraisal. 

Why it matters: It’s fun. The game has garnered high praise and, who knows, it might help change the narrative on what it’s like to be in insurance. 

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Key Tech Trends

Blockchain insurance: a powerful tool for good

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What: Blockchain technology will play a crucial role for insurance, it will help carriers better manage and secure customer data and simplify identity management and verification. This simplification can open the door to new types of insurance, and trust architecture that allows for programmatic insurance. 

Dais Insight: Blockchain technology is creating an amazing opportunity for insurance, making it possible to insure what was previously uninsurable. Low stability and low predictability make it difficult to insure developing countries, which in turn makes them even more vulnerable to risks. Trust architecture makes programmable insurance possible and can help create more stability in developing countries.

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Cool Stuff

Farmer in the UK is growing furniture

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What: Each chair takes about 6 years to grow and is sold on a commissioned basis, if you want one, you can order it today and get it in about 10 years. 

Thought: As a complete antithesis of on-demand insurance, perhaps grown chair coverage is something Root Insurance could expand into? 

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