Dais Launches Breakthrough Product Versioning

New Capabilities Help MGAs & Carriers Drive Speed-to-Market, Reduce Delays and Avoid Disruption 

Chicago, March 12, 2024 Dais Technology, a leading innovator in the insurtech space, today unveiled a groundbreaking update to its platform that addresses the longstanding challenges of product versioning faced by managing general agents (MGAs) and carriers. Recognizing the need for rapid product iteration without disruption, Dais has introduced a set of powerful tools designed to streamline the versioning, iteration, forking, and reverting of insurance products.

In a sector where time-to-market is critical, insurers now can move quickly, create new product versions, and iterate and test products with unparalleled speed and safety. These capabilities are particularly beneficial to MGAs and carriers, which historically have found product versioning time-consuming and burdensome due to the need for database migrations while avoiding disruptions.

“Dais is committed to driving innovation in the insurtech industry,” said Jason Kolb, president, Dais Technology. “Our new product-versioning capabilities empower our clients with the tools they need to stay ahead in a competitive market. By simplifying the iteration process and enabling quick, safe product development cycles, we’re transforming the way insurance products are managed and helping to revolutionize the industry.”

Crafted with the end-user in mind, Dais Technology’s updated platform offers the ability to assign business-friendly names to versions, simplifying the testing process. Insurtechs can quickly test quoting against different product versions, making it easier to compare and contrast the impacts of changes.

The updated platform addresses the need for flexibility and efficiency in product development and testing. Notably, it supports scheduled product releases and quote testing across multiple environments, enabling insurers to quickly and safely iterate, rewind, fork, and migrate products.

Furthermore, Dais Technology’s multi-environment publishing capability allows users to work in one place while publishing to both UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and PROD (Production) environments. This cross-environment product release functionality facilitates easy development and testing, ensuring products are market-ready faster than ever before.

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