The most powerful and most complete insurance product platform out there.

The simplest and quickest way to create, manage, and distribute your digitally-enabled insurance products.

Platform Comparison

A platform is only good for what it empowers you to do, and when compared to what’s out there today, Dais gives you more power and more options.

Create, sell, and distribute insurance the easy way.

The no-code platform built for insurance

The 5.5 trillion dollar insurance industry is struggling to digitize, with many insurers getting left behind. However, at the same time we’re seeing unique opportunities emerge as the economy changes in response to the pandemic and in response to the growing domination of digital sales.

Customer expectations have changed, digital sales are eating the world, and Dais makes digitization simple so companies can capture opportunities as they arise.

Digitize your product in days instead of years.

A no code platform that lets you quote, bind, issue, and service your insurance products.

Sell insurance anywhere at anytime in anyway you want to.

  • Easy customer experience personalization for specific markets

  • Bundle insurance to create new products and revenue streams

  • Great API’s to plug in your partners

Simple and easy connections.

  • Increase distribution of existing products by giving them APIs

  • Work seamlessly with existing policy systems, CRM systems, marketing automation systems, and data lakes.

The Dais Product Platform

The no-code solution to industry leading digital insurance products. Whether you’re looking to digitize your BOP, homeowners, a specialty line, or anything in between, Dais has the tools you need to make the process silky smooth.

No touch quoting so your team can focus on the important stuff.

Simple and easy quoting available wherever and whenever you want it to be. Easy to setup using the Dais Builder, and easy to use with Copilot, Portals or third-party tools. Rating, underwriting, and proposal creation the easy way. 


Set up a digital product in days instead of months or years.

Whether you’re creating a new product or simply digitizing your existing lines, Dais Product Builder makes digitization simple. No-code required, just upload your questions and connect your rating plan, then you’re off to the races with an easy-to-use API and purpose built tools. 


Connect with anyone you want to. 

With built-in API’s and optional purpose built applications, you can connect your digital products with anyone you want to. Insurance marketplaces, direct to agents, company portals, wherever you want your product to be, our system can help you get it there.


Bind business while you sleep.

Everything from e-signature to payment collection. Simple to set-up and available anywhere you want it to be. 


From issuance to endorsements and everything in between, your process just streamlined.

Issuing and endorsing can be pain, we’re simplifying it for you and your team. Everything from initial issuance to out-of-sequence endorsements are made easy with Dais Copilot.


Every part of the cancelation process, simplified and streamlined.

Whatever the reason, we’re making cancelations a good user experience for your customers and your team.

Renewals the way you’ve always wanted them to be.

With prefill services and automatic data checking, renewals have never been this easy.


Simple and easy payments integrated with leading payment providers.

Online payment that makes collecting premiums simple, and commission calculation so you can distribute the premium with confidence.


Automatic document generation when you need it.

Form quote proposals to policies and endorsements, automatically generate the documents you need when you need them to keep the insurance process silky smooth. 


Easily find the documents you need.

With automatic tagging and intelligent filtering, you can quickly and easily get to the data you want when you want to.


Run scenario tests and analyze the impact so you can upgrade your products with confidence.

Insurance is a quickly evolving industry that demands nimbleness, remove your technical limitations so you can respond and evolve with the changing landscape.


What if you could create a new insurance
product that works with your existing systems in
days instead of years?

What if you could create
a new insurance product that works with your existing systems in days instead of years?

We’re making it easy.