Our Technology

AL3 Export

Push data to agency management systems.

API Connection

For companies with a rating or quoting API available, connect agency portals, digitized applications, and user experiences to them.

API Security

Enforce authorization and authentication for your quoting API.

Adjuster Assignment

Assign claims intelligently, taking into account adjuster skill sets and markets.

Agency Management

A database and self-service administration of agency codes for your company and agents. Support multi-level hierarchies and complex distribution configurations including aggregators, market access, and subagents.

Application Digitization

Turn applications into digital forms mapped to an ACORD-based data dictionary so that application data can be easily relayed to other systems.

Claims Front-End

A best-of-breed claims user experience that integrates with your existing policy and claims systems. FNOL, status updates, multi-party collaboration, documentation sharing, and more, all while collecting powerful new claims data.

Data Prefill

Prefill your applications from third party data sources, including proprietary rosters and schedules if available.

Developer-Friendly Quoting API

Let comparative raters and digital distribution channels easily connect to you for quoting.

Email Data Extraction

Extract data from emails and attachments to automate legacy processes.

Flow Analytics

Detailed data on where your flow is coming from and where it is going to. See success by market, partner, and producer.

Lead Triage & Submission

For incoming leads, a work queue with assignments, collaboration, and easy submission to carriers.

OCR—Extract Data From Form

Extract data from any PDF form into a friendly API.

OCR—Turn Data Into Form

Take data from any source you wish and turn it into a PDF form.

Program Customer Experience

A self-service, tailored front end for program business. Sophisticated users can conduct A/B tests and advanced user analytics.

Question Management

Manage your application and underwriting questions in a self-service interface to use them for quoting for both agents and policyholders.

Quote to Bind for Agents

A world-class online agency quoting experience, with your brand, that you can embed on your web site or use for affinity partnerships.

Quote to Bind for Policyholders

A world-class online quoting experience, with your brand, that you can embed on your web site or use for affinity partnerships.

Referral Tracking

Track business by referrer, producer, and event agency sub-codes.

Underwriter Workbench

An underwriter workbench for incoming business that includes connectivity to agents, workload balancing features, and unique data to optimize underwriting.

Warranty Policy System

An end-to-end policy system for warranty business, with a world-class user experience.