Dais & Origami Risk: A New Chapter in Insurtech Innovation

A Match Made for Speed and Innovation

Origami’s multi-tenant SaaS platform joins forces with Dais’ no-code solutions to propel the future of the insurance market in speed, product creation, and lifecycle management. The fusion benefits MGAs, insurers, reinsurers, and the entire insurance ecosystem.

For a more information on how we are reshaping the industry, read our Press Release:
Origami Risk Acquires Dais, Expanding its Innovative P&C Insurance Solutions.

About Origami Risk

Origami Risk stands as a pioneer in integrated SaaS solutions, tailoring its expertise for risk, safety, and insurance. With a foundation built on flexibility and scalability, the platform provides a comprehensive suite of groundbreaking risk management tools and core insurance system solutions. All these, hailing from a secure cloud-based platform accessible from your browser and mobile.

Learn more about Origami Risk at origamirisk.com

The Synergy of Acquisition

With this acquisition, Dais magnifies its market footprint, while Origami further enriches its repository of groundbreaking property and casualty insurtech solutions. Dais, cherishing its original essence, will operate as an Origami subsidiary, with leadership retained by its co-founders – Jason Kolb, Aaron Larson, and Milos Dedovic.

Your FAQs Answered

Will Dais and Origami Integrate?

While Dais will continue to be a stand-alone product, certain client-led requirements will guide integration projects, much like any other venture. Whether it’s Dais clients wanting Origami for claims or an Origami client desiring a custom storefront – we adapt to serve you best.

Dais will operate as a subsidiary of Origami and will continue to be led by its co-founders Jason Kolb, Aaron Larson and Milos Dedovic.


Want to learn more about Origami Risk?

Dive in here: www.OrigamiRisk.com

Words from the Leaders

Bob Petrie, CEO, Origami Risk:

“Origami continues to experience rapid growth from our ability to provide innovative solutions for the testing and delivery of new products and for capitalizing on market opportunity. Dais complements our core P&C insurance solutions with no-code, storefront and rating-as-a-service capabilities. This acquisition will allow the Dais team to double down on their technology and industry partnerships to bring more value to all insurance ecosystem participants. We are pleased to welcome their talented team to Origami and look forward to an integration that will bring more opportunities to our clients, our people and new areas of growth for our firm.”

Jason Kolb, President, Dais Technology:

“We are delighted to join forces with Origami Risk to serve a broader audience within the insurance industry. Our firms have shared values, strong commitments to our people and clients and similar collaborative cultures. We are excited about working together to continue to drive industry-leading innovation.”

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