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Research Report: Airline Pilot Error Signals Higher Exposures Across the Board

Pilots are just one of the more visible examples of the effect of breaks and reduced hours during COVID. The workplace and experience changes triggered by the pandemic are a problem for all kinds of employees, from truck drivers and forklift operators to surgeons and accountants. There’s a high likelihood that human error will be greater as we return to normal.

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Insurance As An API

Insurance as an API allows third parties to use their unique data to deliver quotes within their own customer experience, and even provide an integrated buying experience. (This is more commonly known as “embedded insurance”) It allows coverage choices to be tailored based on the unique knowledge of the customer, who they are, and their risks.

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Research Report: BIPA and Cognitive Technology

A great example of innovation outpacing insurance offerings: how does insurance adapt to a world in which people self-experiment? If use of this technology becomes mainstream it could have an interesting impact on loss-control for workers comp, as learning for proper lifting/moving techniques and other such trainings could be accelerated.

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