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Dais Research Report: Digitization and our underinsured world

Considering very recent trends and looking only at the weeks ending March 15 and 8, we see that the main variations in the volume of transactions are recorded in the Supermarket sector (+33% increase in the number of transactions in one week, in strong acceleration), the Banking/Insurance sector (+26%)…”

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Disrupt Yourself

Today, with Dais, his team built a platform enabling API connections. Agencies communicate with carriers and policyholders for a host of services (e.g. CSR responsibilities) and expertise (e.g. underwriting). “Agents are entrepreneurial, ambitious, competitive and they want to drive the industry,” he says.

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The World Needs Agents Now, More Than Ever

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. The pandemic has caused millions to lose their job, upended the economy, and inflicted untold emotional damage on many families. Social unrest has created division, stress, and has caused many more businesses to shutter, many never to return. 

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What to Expect in Agency Technology

The next few years will bring big changes to the agency tech world, adds Ron Berg, executive director at the Agents Council for Technology (ACT). “There has never been a better time for our distribution channel because of the technology advances that our carriers are making and the investments by the technology vendors. Do we have a long way to go? Yes, but we’re seeing more willingness by independent agents to adopt technology advancements than ever before.”

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Small Commercial Insurance Trends In 2021

Despite the pandemic, small commercial insurance is incredibly hot right now. Most likely this is due to an increased focus on bringing offline processes online, and this is the lowest-hanging fruit available in the small commercial space.

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Research Report: Embedded Insurance is Growing Up

Embedded insurance is already out in the wild, benefiting both insurers and financial companies, and the opportunity is massive for anyone who can get in. And while regulations are coming into play, people are taking on those challenges because embedded insurance presents such a valuable opportunity.

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Research Report: Airline Pilot Error Signals Higher Exposures Across the Board

Pilots are just one of the more visible examples of the effect of breaks and reduced hours during COVID. The workplace and experience changes triggered by the pandemic are a problem for all kinds of employees, from truck drivers and forklift operators to surgeons and accountants. There’s a high likelihood that human error will be greater as we return to normal.

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Berkley Re Solutions and Berkley Program Specialists Introduce New Workplace Violence Program

Berkley Re Solutions and Berkley Program Specialists have combined their unique program design and distribution capabilities to bring a new insurance program for Workplace Violence to the marketplace. Dais, a technology company dedicated to simplifying the process of creating new digital products for carriers and reinsurers, was chosen to build the capabilities for launch via a select group of innovative independent agents.

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