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Research Report: Shifting Expectations for Insurance

One key area of growth is embedded insurance, an opportunity of which consumers are overall in favor. Building connections that enable insurance sales and servicing within other products—property insurance as part of the loan process, for example—is a growing trend that we’re watching closely.

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Research Report: Embedded Insurance Deep Dive

Almost everyone has experienced an embedded insurance sales pitch at this point — such as when buying a phone or a plane ticket. Embedded insurance is one of the fastest growing and most exciting ways the industry is tackling the underinsured problem.

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Research Report: MGAs, Reinsurers, and the Future of the Industry

January 1st is traditionally a big day for renewals in the reinsurance sector. This year, those renewals are showing a healthy and evolving market, with product differentiation becoming more sophisticated, which means reinsurers are adjusting their risk appetite and pricing thresholds more dynamically.

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Research Report: Year in review 2021

Over the past year we’ve covered everything from blockchain innovations and AI to funding trends and partnership models. Looking back on the year, three trends emerge as the most impactful: Embedded Insurance, Insurtech Funding, and APIs.

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Ansay & Associates to bring new Workplace Violence program solution to market with Berkley Program Specialists and Dais Technology Inc.

Ansay & Associates, one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Wisconsin, will be the first agent in the country to offer a new Workplace Violence Protection commercial insurance program with Berkley Program Specialists. This is available to Ansay & Associates’ existing commercial customers and new clients effective immediately.

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