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Research Report: Embedded Insurance Deep Dive

Almost everyone has experienced an embedded insurance sales pitch at this point — such as when buying a phone or a plane ticket. Embedded insurance is one of the fastest growing and most exciting ways the industry is tackling the underinsured problem.

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Research Report: BIPA and Cognitive Technology

A great example of innovation outpacing insurance offerings: how does insurance adapt to a world in which people self-experiment? If use of this technology becomes mainstream it could have an interesting impact on loss-control for workers comp, as learning for proper lifting/moving techniques and other such trainings could be accelerated.

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Research Report: Shifting Expectations for Insurance

One key area of growth is embedded insurance, an opportunity of which consumers are overall in favor. Building connections that enable insurance sales and servicing within other products—property insurance as part of the loan process, for example—is a growing trend that we’re watching closely.

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