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Here are just a few of the capabilities of Dais:

APIs for every product

Easily connect your product to whoever you want to access it: Marketplaces, Agencies, etc.

Fully-customizable workflows

How do you want your insurance product to work? Our workflows can make it happen.

Portals on demand

Customizable portals that let agents and policyholders interact with your product.

Connect to whatever
data you need

Use both internal and external data sources to simplify quoting, accelerate renewals, and do everything in between.

Integrate with your
existing systems

Don’t want to change policy systems? We can connect to what you’re already using.

Support for the whole
policy life cycle

From intake to cancellations, and even the hard stuff like out-of-sequence endorsements.


SOC2 Type II attested practices means all customer data on the Dais Platform is safe and secure.

All of this, fast.

We can get your product to market in less than 30 days, we’ve done others in less than a week.

What if you could create a new insurance product that works with your existing systems in weeks instead of years?

Words from the Leaders

Bob Petrie, CEO, Origami Risk:

“Origami continues to experience rapid growth from our ability to provide innovative solutions for the testing and delivery of new products and for capitalizing on market opportunity. Dais complements our core P&C insurance solutions with no-code, storefront and rating-as-a-service capabilities. This acquisition will allow the Dais team to double down on their technology and industry partnerships to bring more value to all insurance ecosystem participants. We are pleased to welcome their talented team to Origami and look forward to an integration that will bring more opportunities to our clients, our people and new areas of growth for our firm.”

Jason Kolb, President, Dais Technology:

“We are delighted to join forces with Origami Risk to serve a broader audience within the insurance industry. Our firms have shared values, strong commitments to our people and clients and similar collaborative cultures. We are excited about working together to continue to drive industry-leading innovation.”