Feesible Launches Breakthrough Protection Product for HOA and Condo Homeowners, Powered by Dais Technology’s No-Code Insurance Platform

STAMFORD, CT, March 21, 2024 – Feesible today announced the launch of a breakthrough insurance solution that provides exclusive financial protection for homeowners in homeowner associations or condominiums for exposures arising from special assessments. 

In developing the new product using Dais Technology’s state-of-the-art no-code platform, Feesible realized substantial cost-savings and accelerated its product-to-market journey.

“Our journey with Dais Technology has been transformative,” said Will Sale, CEO, Feesible, who personally oversaw the development of the new solution “Their no-code, cloud-based platform enabled us to turn our initial concept for this product into reality quickly and cost-effectively. Dais enables rapid iteration with little effort.”

“We’re delighted that Feesible has been able to leverage our platform to address all of its unique and complex product requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” said Jason Kolb, president of Dais. “Our close collaboration also enabled Feesible to speed its launch timeline and achieve a major milestone in its specialized product development capability.”

Feesible’s rapid success in working with Dais highlights the efficiency and adaptability of no-code platforms in modern software development, particularly in specialized sectors or de novo products such as homeowners’ association assessment protection. Feesible’s new product, powered by Dais, is positioned to have a significant impact in the market, bringing critical insurance protection to community association homeowners across the country.

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About Feesible

Feesible is a forward-thinking company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to community associations against special assessments for maintenance, repair, and reserve risks. With a focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by these stakeholders, Feesible aims to take the worry out of association living and bring peace of mind and financial stability to association homeowners.

About Dais Technology

Dais is a leading provider of no-code, cloud-based platforms that empower businesses to create and deploy applications quickly and efficiently. With a focus on innovation and customer success, Dais is committed to transforming the way insurance companies bring products to market. Dais Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Origami Risk LLC.

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