Customers want embedded insurance, let’s make it happen.

Easily digitize and connect your insurance product with all your partners. No code required.

All the pieces you need in one simple platform.

Automatic quoting, binding, issuing, and payment.

All without writing a single line of code.
No developers needed.

Attract new customers and sell more policies.

Embedded insurance unlocks new markets, puts you where your customers already are, helps everyone get what they need. 

Embedded insurance helps you distribute insurance in a whole new way, to a whole new audience.

The growing importance of embedded insurance

As we all know, 2020 changed everything and highlighted the significant tech deficiencies of the insurance industry. Consumer expectations shifted, and in doing so, gave companies with digital capabilities a huge boost. Now, insurers who digitized early are looking for new growth opportunities and finding them in embedded insurance. 

Embedded insurance is an insurance product sold in the sales process of a non-insurance product. For example, selling auto insurance as part of the auto loan process, or renters insurance sold by the property management company. To offer embedded insurance, insurers need a strong tech platform that supports APIs and enables touchless processing. When executed well, embedded insurance provides a seamless experience for the customer and makes the whole process simple and easy. 

Embedded insurance is already out in the wild, benefiting both insurers and financial companies, and the opportunity is massive for anyone who can get in. And while regulations are coming into play, people are taking on those challenges because embedded insurance presents such a valuable opportunity. 

Customers want embedded insurance, let’s make it happen.