Creating digital insurance products has historically been way too complicated. We’re making it simple.

Having worked with hundreds of carriers and MGAs across the country, we know what it takes to create digital products. Unlike the traditional way of doing things, Dais-built products include APIs for mass distribution, built-in user experience that allows agents of any type the ability to connect, and a platform that lets carriers edit and create new products in days instead of years.

Press Releases

Dais Announces Policyholder Portal 2.0

In a continued effort to enhance the digital experience for insurance providers and policyholders, Dais Technology is pleased to introduce the Policyholder Portal 2.0. This latest iteration emphasizes user-centric design and advanced features, aligning with the company’s commitment to excellence in the insurtech space.

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The no-code platform purpose-The Dais Platform for insurance

The no-code platform purpose-built for insurance

The 5.5 trillion dollar insurance industry is struggling to digitize, with many insurers getting left behind. However, at the same time we’re seeing unique opportunities emerge as the economy changes in response to the pandemic and in response to the growing domination of digital sales.

Customer expectations have changed, digital sales are eating the world, and Dais makes digitization simple, so companies can capture opportunities as they arise.


A no code platform that lets you quote, bind, issue, and service your insurance products.

Sell your own products and bundle your partners’ products.


  • No code customer experience
  • Easy customer experience personalization for specific markets
  • Bundle insurance to create new products and revenue streams
  • Great API’s to plug in your partners


Every product in builder automatically gets an API that you can give your partners access to. This means you can easily connect your insurance products into existing systems and distribution channels.

We’re making it easy tocreate, sell, and distribute insurance.
Let us show you how.