Dais 3.1 Release: Elevate Your Experience with Groundbreaking Features

Unleashing the power of innovation to streamline your workflow and maximize productivity

Welcome to the Future of Dais

Prepare to experience the next level of productivity and efficiency with the Dais 3.1 update. Brimming with sophisticated features and intuitive enhancements, this release is set to redefine the way you use our platform.

Empowering Your Workflow

Feature-Rich Product Builder & API Integrations

Our modernized Product Builder streamlines navigation and configuration, integrating interactive built-in guidance, a user-friendly undo function, and intuitive icons. Paired with our robust, bidirectional Conversational API integrations, they provide a multi-dimensional toolset that’s sure to optimize your workflow.

Premium Finance & InsCipher Integration

Managing finances has never been easier with built-in premium finance support, seamlessly integrated into our storefront. Plus, say goodbye to manual tax and fee calculations with our new InsCipher integration.

Form Schedules & Spreadsheet Loading

Simplify the process of preparing and presenting documents with form schedules in quote proposals. Plus, leverage our new Schedule Spreadsheet Loading feature to prefill answers from an Excel file, saving you precious time.

Technical Enhancements &
User-friendly Updates

Experience seamless transitions from indication to bindable quotes, customize webhook payloads directly in the Product Builder, and enjoy enhanced security with our new webhook token authentication. Plus, we’re constantly refining our platform terminology for better user understanding.

Ready to Explore Dais 3.1?

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Mastering Efficiency with Dais 3.1 Unlock New Possibilities with Conversational API Integrations

Our latest update introduces comprehensive, bidirectional API integrations, giving you the power to engage in multi-step conversations with remote systems. This enriched API experience comes with payload shaping capabilities, allowing you to configure data directly in the integration setup. Select between pass-through, custom object model, or multi-step modes according to your needs. Experience the freedom to shape payloads before sending and save a response from one step for use in future steps. Furthermore, we’re launching vertical-specific integrations designed to streamline workflows in various sectors.

Premium Finance Made Simple with Pavo Marketplace Integration

Introducing built-in premium finance support, our 3.1 release smoothens the process of managing premium payments. Through integration with the Pavo marketplace, we now support multiple premium finance providers, allowing you to offer a range of options to your clients and help them make the most informed decision for their financial needs. Our built-in payment coordination further streamlines the payment process, making it easier than ever to handle transactions between you, your clients, and finance providers.

Optimized Data Handling with Schedule Spreadsheet Loading

Say goodbye to manual data entry and welcome our Schedule Spreadsheet Loading feature. This novel tool allows users to upload an Excel file and map columns from the file to questions in the product. Prefill answers based on the data from the Excel file, whether within a current loop or flat questions. Ideal for both schedules and bulk data upload, this feature simplifies data handling, making your operations smoother and more efficient.

Embrace the Future with Dais 3.1

Ready to unlock the full potential of the Dais 3.1 update? Let us guide you through the transformative features and enhancements designed to optimize your workflow and boost your productivity. Click the button below to book a live demo today.