Release Notes

Release 6.25.2024

  • Manual Policy Numbers: Ability to manually assign policy number on issuance.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bugs have been resolved for a smoother user experience.

Release 5.30.2024

  • Enhanced Storefront Experience: You can now display and download proposal documents, and view quote taxes and fees.
  • Faster Reports: Generating large reports is now 6x faster!
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bugs have been resolved for a smoother user experience.

Release 5.09.2024


Improved reporting around endorsement premium changes.

Reflect the delta and prorated delta between pre-endorsement and post-endorsement premiums for form mapping and reporting.

Bug fixes and Minor improvements 

  • Bug fix: Question Types not displayed under Application in Copilot
  • UI scaling improvements
  • Added import and export for Excel to the rating algorithm lookup table

Release 5.02.2024


Enhanced Endorsement Document Generation

  • Generate only the necessary forms with each endorsement without regenerating the entire packet, streamlining the process and saving time. 

White Labeling Expansion for Customer Emails

  • Added the ability to custom brand email templates for the Customer Portal, contact Dais support to enable this functionality.

Bordereau Report Enhancements

  • For package products quoted at the sub-line level, display individual sub-line premiums directly on the bordereau report for clearer, more detailed financial reporting.

Homepage Improvements

  • Homepage now includes data around renewal status and active policies.

Expanded data accessibility for Plugins

  • Broader data is now accessible for forms mapping for the following plugins:
    • Policy
    • Policy Event
    • Quote

OFAC data Mapping

  • Now we are able to specify sources for OFAC compliance checks.

Bug fixes and Minor improvements 

  • Fixed “Access denied when fetching Portal User clientData”
  • Fixed “Dynamic dropdown values are not being saved in copilot when a product is opened for quoting after a value is initially input”
  • Fixed “API Logs not showing results when filtering by ‘to’ date”
  • UI improvement “Policy events and event types now match in conversational API calls”
  • 7 API call and/or custom improvements implemented 
  •  View deltas in coverage-level dynamic field premiums at endorsement time 
  • Sub-line premiums in packages available for reports/forms 

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