Cambridge, MA, September 12, 2022 — DAIS, a technology company dedicated to simplifying the process of creating new digital products for carriers and reinsurers, announced today that it has partnered with Relativity6, Inc., the only live-search classification platform which provides accurate 6-digit NAICS predictions and relevant keywords about a business in real-time.

Aaron Larson, Founder and CRO of DAIS Technology said the partnership with such an innovative Artificial Intelligence company will be a huge value add for both carriers and reinsurers. “What makes Relativity6 so valuable is that they can retrieve information about what a business is doing right now. Often, carriers are relying on older data that may be irrelevant by the time an underwriter is deciding on the correct industry classification.”

Alan Ringvald, President and CEO at Relativity6 commented: “DAIS’ ability to enable carriers to bring their products to market fast and efficiently is incredibly impressive. This partnership is a perfect fit because our technology allows underwriters to be highly efficient as they continue to get flooded with submissions from digital distribution partners. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with such a like-minded organization.”

About DAIS Technology

DAIS makes it easy to create, sell, and deliver insurance products. Carriers use DAIS to quickly bring new and existing products to market through digital distribution channels. Agents use DAIS to market, sell, and close business online through digital marketing, embedded insurance, and producer-enablement tools. For more information please visit

About Relativity6

Relativity6’s AI platform retrieves up-to-the-second information about a business to automatically detect its 6-digit NAICS code, verify its existence, and flag any need-to-know keywords. Relativity6 is the only live search intelligence platform and fastest and most accurate NAICS detector on the market, improving commercial underwriting workflow and overall business classification and segmentation. Relativity6 is backed by Fin Capital, State Auto Labs Fund, and Vectr Ventures. For more information visit:

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