So you’re going through
a core system upgrade

A core system upgrade is one of the riskiest, most labor-intensive, resource-intensive exercises a carrier can undergo. Meanwhile, you can’t freeze your business. See how we can help:

Immediately, with minimal to no support from your internal resources, Dais can

Program front-ends

Provide you with a digital front-end to support programs such as schools, garages, and any other opportunities that require a program front-end.

Optionally: Can be integrated with your API for instant quoting.

Digitize user experience rules

For digital applications, capture defaults, limits, deductibles, optional coverages, risk improvement information. Available in a digital tool, and available for export in a developer-friendly, portable format that can be used to populate Guidewire or other systems. These can then be managed and adjusted by anyone through a Web-based interface.

Digitize applications

Map existing applications to a common ACORD-based dictionary so that they can be automatically populated by digital application data, and data can be extracted (via OCR) from application PDF’s. This can then be used to generate application files from program front-end or digital front-ends.

Optionally: The ability to OCR read/write applications can be used as a standalone API for your internal development if desired

Digitize underwriting structure

For digital applications, build structured, portable product definitions that include account questions, underwriting questions, question conditionality, and class code mappings. Can then be used to drive digital experiences using Dais, but also available in a Web-based user interface and available for export in a developer-friendly, portable format that can be used to populate Guidewire or other systems. These can then be managed and adjusted by anyone through a Web-based interface.

Portable product data

Turn structured product & underwriting definitions into portable specification data that can be exported from DAIS and imported into Guidewire when ready.

Capture agency data and connections

begin organizing agent codes and locations, giving agents a location where they can manage their connections to API’s and underwriters.

Digital front-ends for all products

Let agents submit applications for any line of business on your Web site.

Optionally, Dais can immediately

Provision an API for you

Based on the product definition, with a developer-friendly API with outage notifications, quality documentation, examples, API’s for transmitting, underwriting rules, and underwriter referrals.

Help you navigate API integrations

To agency management systems such as Vertafore and Applied, digital exchanges such as Bold Penguin, the Internet of Insurance, Tarmika, Appulate, and more.

Prior to the completion of Guidewire, Dais can

Make useful API’s available to your internal development

API’s to easily get submissions, respond with quotes, get the account detail and more can be integrated into underwriting workbenches or RPA systems.

Provide structured product configuration data

To help speed Guidewire configuration efforts.

Synchronize digital application and quote data to CRM and
marketing automation

systems for sales and marketing.

Optionally: Assist with selection and setup of CRM and marketing
automation systems

Synchronize digital application and quote data to your data lake

to make it available to actuaries and finance.

Optionally: Assist with setting up a pubsub architecture to maintain a constantly-hydrated data lake

After Guidewire is complete, Dais can

Integrate digital applications with Guidewire

So that the rating engine of choice is used and PolicyCenter has accurate
policy data

Provide a world-class claims customer experience on top of PolicyCenter

Providing collaboration, status tracking, notifications, and more to policyholders, adjusters, and agents.

Long-term, Dais can

Prefill digital applications with proprietary data

From your internal sources, data from associations and large customers, and program data sources.