No-code insurance technology
that works seamlessly with your policy admin and other back office systems

“Dais’s no-code technology is designed to work with your existing systems, so you don’t have to start from scratch.”

“In an environment of rapidly rising prices, speed to market is critical. Delays of just a few months can cost millions of dollars of lost revenue.”

McKinsey & Company

Augment Your Existing Systems with
No-Code Technology

No-code technology can be a powerful tool for insurers looking to streamline their processes and launch new products quickly. However, many insurers are wary of making the transition because they don’t want to rip out and replace their existing systems. With Dais’s no-code technology, this isn’t necessary. Dais is designed to work seamlessly with policy admin and other back office systems—allowing insurers to augment their existing infrastructure without any major disruption or costly integration fees.

This means that insurers can reap the benefits of no-code development without having to start from scratch—giving them the flexibility they need while still keeping costs low. By leveraging our platform, insurers can get up and running quickly while creating products that meet customer needs faster than ever before.

If you're looking to innovate faster and easier in insurance,
Dais is the solution for you.


Some benefits of using Dais include:


Reduced time for product development and launch, from years to weeks


Pre-configured products ready to launch in a few clicks.


Change whatever you want to, no developers time needed.


Out-of-sequence endorsements, integrated payments, APIs for every product.

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Creating digital insurance products has historically been way too complicated. We’re making it simple.

Having worked with hundreds of carriers and MGAs across the country, we know what it takes to create digital products. Unlike the traditional way of doing things, Dais-built products include APIs for mass distribution, built-in user experience that allows agents of any type the ability to connect, and a platform that lets carriers edit and create new products in days instead of months or years.