We’re making digital sales easy

We’re on the cutting edge of product development and work with innovative agents and carreirs to bring needed products market.

Digital sales made easy

Let’s make selling insurance easy! With Dais, you can connect to carriers with lines and bundles ready to be sold and move fast to capture the markets. Here’s how it works:

Create a new lead capture flow for your agency that makes intake simple. Getting a quote has never been easier.

Send the business you get to the carrier you want to grow with the most. Easily change the markets you send risk to and automate your sales with them.

Embedded insurance, partnerships and affinity sales, and brand new products from innovative new carriers. All that and more is not just possible but a reality.

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This is how we’re making it easy for carriers​

Creating digital insurance products has been way too complicated and slow. With Dais, carriers can digitize their products and create APIs in hours instead of months, and connect those APIs to any company they want to.

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