Creating digital insurance products is too complicated. We’re making it simple.

We’ve built the tools insurers need to launch insurance products faster, more frequently, and more efficiently.

The dawn of a new age in insurance

Just like flip phones gave way to iPhones and reusable rockets reshaped the aerospace industry, insurance is being transformed today.

Insurance companies used to build the entire insurance IT solution from the ground up for every single product they launched, just like the single use rockets of yesteryear. But like the reusable rockets of today, insurers are using advanced solutions to launch insurance products faster, more frequently, and more efficiently. We’ve built the no-code product platform that makes this possible, removing the need for IT involvement in the product building process.

Dais 3.0:
An Operating System for Insurance

fast, repeatable, nimble, connected, and the basis for an ecosystem of solutions.

Just like Apple does for phones and Macs, and Salesforce does with their CRM, the Dais operating system does the same for insurance.

With Dais, insurance products get a huge upgrade: products can be changed without IT needing to get involved, partners can easily connect via APIs, and data and models can be surgically inserted at critical points, making it easy to make smarter and faster insurance products with better customer experiences.

This opens new possibilities for embedded insurance, customer experiences, IoT and data-enabled coverages, and it all moves at hyperspeed.

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